Sep 292013

Note: the Union SUD BPCE (SUD Banques Populaires Caisses d’Epargne) is a French bank workers union.

Dear Comrades, dear Friends,

My name is Patrick Saurin. I’m an employee working in a French savings bank.

I’m also a representative of the Union SUD BPCE (SUD Banques Populaires Caisses d’Epargne) and I come on behalf of my Union to send to you this message of support.

Residents of Detroit, SUD BPCE supports your legitimate and necessary fight against fraudulent and predatory acts of banking and finance.
The dramatic situation facing the residents of Detroit, and particularly communities of colour, has its origins in criminal activity of banks free to do what they want and make greater profit trapping cities and States with toxic financial products. Another cause is the culpable inaction of politicians often complicit in these abuses.

Also in France, as in the United States and other countries in Europe unfortunately, banks have marketed toxic loans to cities, hospitals and housing agencies. Also in France, activists have developed groups to investigate these public debts. The goal is to look all the public debts and decide which ones are legitimate, legal and have a purpose that serve the public. We have been pressuring the elected representatives of cities to sue in court the banks. There are now in France more than three hundred trials and several banks have been sentenced.

The debt system is a fraudulent one.

It is a mechanism to take away our future, it steals our future from us, it imprisons us until the end of our days and this is why we need to keep fighting.

We’ve been swindled, so “Don’t Owe, Won’t Pay !”.

Today, debt is a weapon in the hands of capitalists. We must disarm them.

My Union SUD BPCE approves the demands of the 5th October appeal and add our signature.

Dear comrades of Detroit, Dear Friends, know that you are not alone in your struggle.

As we say in France : “On lâche rien !” “We stand strong !”

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