Endorsers for the International People’s Assembly

Grand Circus Park (Woodward and Adams)

Detroit – Oct. 5, 6

current as of 10-02-2013

to endorse, click here


AFSCME Retiree Sub-Chapter 98, Detroit
Asotrecol (Association of Injured Workers and Ex-workers of GM Colmotores) Colombia
Asotrecol Solidarity Network (US)
Autoworker Caravan
Ban Michigan Fracking
Brandon Barnard Window Cleaning Service
Carl Stokes Brigade (Cleveland)
Centro Obrero de Detroit
Chelsea Coalition on Housing
Chelsea Manning Brigade (Cleveland LGBTQ activists)
Cleveland Peoples Fightback Center
Committee for the Abolition of Third World Debt
Communities and Postal Workers United
Conscious Community Cooperative
Corporate Campaign, Inc./Campaign to Stop Killer Coke
Critical Moment
CSP-Conlutas Brasil, Central Sindical e Popular-Coordinacao Nacionao de Lutas (Peoples Union Confederation—National Struggles Coordination)-Brazil
DC Time Bank
Declaring Independents
Detroit Coalition Against Tar Sands
Detroit Eviction Defense
Detroit Green Party
Detroit MLK Day Committee
Detroit People’s Potluck
Detroiters Resisting Emergency Management (D-REM)
Feed da Streetz
F.I.S.T. (Fight Imperialism Stand Together)
Green Party of Michigan
Jilhantes Prayer Circle
Justice for Palestinians
Malcolm X Center (Greenville, South Carolina)
Malcolm X Commemoration Committee
Michigan Emergency Committee Against War & Injustice (MECAWI)
Michigan Welfare Rights
Miguel Urbano Rodrigues, writer, Portugal, former deputy to the National Assembly and to the European Parliament and former editor in chief of the daily newspaper O Diario and other publications
Midland Market Maruders
Missourians Organizing for Reform and Empowerment (MORE)
Moratorium NOW! Coalition
MOVE Organization
Movimento per la società di giustizia
Occupy Oakland Foreclosure Defense Committee
Occupy the Roads
One Royal Oak (Protecting the City’s Human Rights Ordinance)
Oregon Jericho Movement
Peoples Budget Project (Portland OR)
Peoples Video Network
Portland Anarchist Black Cross
Rosa and Raymond Parks Institute
Skagit Greens
Solidarity Against Austerity (Portland OR
Southeast Michigan Jobs With Justice
Stop the Theft of Our Pensions Committee (STOP)
Sud BPCE (Sud Banques Populaires Caisses d’Epargne) (French bank workers union)
Texas Death Penalty Abolition Texas Death Penalty Abolition Movement
The Ecotopian Society
Toronto Students for Justice in Palestine
United National Antiwar Coalition (UNAC)
United Steelworkers Local 8571-Boston School Bus Drivers Union
Western Mass IAC/Troops Out Now!
Wisconsin Bail Out The People Movement
Women Against Killing (WAK)
Women’s Fightback Network, New York chapter
Women’s Health in Women’s Hands
Workers World Party


Abayomi Azikiwe, Editor, Pan-African News Wire
Abdol Soofi, University of Wisconsin-Platteville
Adelia Israel
Afaf Aniba
Alan Bickley
Alan Haggard
Alice Beecher, Oberlin Student Labor Action Coalition
Alice Jennings, Attorney & Detroiters Resisting Emergency Managment
Aliya Moore
Allison Basile, DC Time Bank
Allison VanKuiken and Megan Cece
Amir M. Maasoumi
Amy Finnegan
Amy Harlib
Andrea Egypt, Michigan Emergency Comm. Against War Injustice
Andrea Vider-Myers
Andreas Wittenstein
Andy Andre
Ann Joseph
Arrigo Colombo, Movimento per la società di giustizia
Baxter Jones, Victim of Emergency Management
Bernard Berg, PSUV
Beth Call
Beverly Bentley, senior citizen
Bill Wylie-Kellerman, Pastor, St. Peter’s Episcopal Church
Bob Sauerbrey, Jilhantes Prayer Circle
Bob Stuart
Brandon Barnard, Brandon Barnard Window Cleaning Service
Bret Polish
Brian Lynch
Bruce Kendall
Bryan Pfeifer, Wisconsin Bail Out The People Movement
Carol Downer, Women’s Health in Women’s Hands
Carole A. Kronberg, Community Activist
Caryll Faraldi
Catherine Donaghy, Western Mass IAC/TroopsOutNow!
Charles Austin
Charles Brown, Attorney
Charles Holloway
Cheryl Dykstra
Christian Hanneman
Cindy Wilmore
Craig Clark
Dana Bellwether, Occupy
Dana Bleckinger
Darren Battle
Dave BraveRaven
Dave Searles
David Bullock, Change Agent Consortium
David Chops, 99RISE
David Sole, Past President UAW Local 2334
Deborah Johnson, Moratorium NOW!
Deborah Mason
Debra Taylor
Deena Stryker
Demeeko A. Williams, D-REM
Dennis Ingham
Dennis Kortheuer
Dequi Kioni-Sadiki, Malcolm X Commemoration Committee
Derek Grigsby, Chairperson, Green Party of Michigan
Diane Bukowski, Voice of Detroit
Doc Richey, Community Activist
Dodie Shepard
Dolores Helman, aft
Don McKelvey
Donald Peoples
Donna Wallach, Justice for Palestinians
Dorinda Moreno, International Tribunal of Conscience
Dorothy Doyley
Dr. Joel Trupin
Ed Robertson
Edwin Hiley
Edwina Smith
Efia Nwangaza, Malcolm X Center (Greenville, South Carolina)
Elaine Waldron
Elizabeth Walter-Echols
Erif Thunen
Ernst Mecke, JHL-Finland
Evelyn Haas
Flora Pino Garcia
Fran Merker
Gayathri Ramanathan
Gerhard Bedding
Glenn Ford, Executive Editor, Black Agenda Report
Gloria A. Patterson, City of Detroit Retiree
Gloria House, Professor, African American Studies, U-M Dearborn
Gloria Morotti
Gloria Rubac, Texas Death Penalty Abolition Movement
Grant Shafer
Greg Cameron
Greg King
Gregory Esteve
Gunda Tente
Helen Moore, Keep the Vote No Takeover
Herb Sanders, attorney
Herbert Kline
Howard Pellett, Skagit Greens
Jack VanderWeel
James M Nordlund, KS NAN
James Miles
James Stapp, e3CLO LLC
Jan McCall
Jay Price
Jean Irwin, Moratorium NOW! Coalition
Jean Paskalides
Jean Vortkamp, Former Detroit Mayoral Candidate
Jeremy Royer
Jerry Goldberg, Anti-Foreclosure Attorney
Jerry Pendergast
Jim Wallace
Joanne Dixon
Joanne Watson, Detroit City Councilwoman
John Conyers, Congressman
John Cooper
John H Anderson
John Nettleton
John Tyrrell
John Zettner, Detroit Eviction Defense, Catholic Worker
Jonathan Kemp
Jonathan Mitchell
Johnnie Stevens, Community-Labor United for Postal Jobs & Services CLUPJS), Community Postal Workers United (CPWU)
Judith Cashin Lerma, RNC MSN CCM, National Nurses Organizing Committee—Texas
Judith Lutfy
Judy Brady, Greenaction
June Kelly, Individual
June Meek, Teansters
Karen Peralta
Kathe Garbrick
Ken Boettcher
Ken Brodeur
Kenneth Anderson
Kim Greene, Moratorium NOW! Coalition
Kris Hamel, Managing Editor, Workers World Newspaper
Kurt Hill, The People’s Firehouse Inc.
Larry D. Hicks, Moratorium NOW! Coalition, UAW Member
Laura Gottesdiener, Journalist, Author of A Dream Foreclosed: Black America and the Fight for a Place to Call Home
Lauren Howard
Lauren McGlynn
Lee Gaddies, Bagley Community Council
Len Carrier, Declaring Independents
Leroy Pletten
Lewis Siegelbaum, Michigan State University
Linda Furr, Democratic Action Club, Chico [DACC]
Linda Nelson, aka, Apostle Linda, Community Activist
Lois Brooks
Lola Bice
Lorene Rowland
Louise Legun, Veterqns For Peace
Marian Cruz
Marian Kramer, Chair, Michigan Welfare Rights Organization
Marianne Yared McGuire, Task Force to Save Our Schools & Past member, State Board of Education
Marilyn Daniels
Marilyn Grosteffon, WILPF
Marilyn Hoff
Marilyn McMahon
Marilyn Naparst
Mark Bailey, Member, UAW Local 1005
Mark Battiste
Mark Heald, retired
Mark Luciano
Mark Vorpahl, Solidarity Against Austerity
Marlene del Hoyo
Martha Grevatt, Member UAW Local 869
Mary Zebell
Matthew Allen
Michael O’Neill, Midland Market Maruders
Michael W Evans
Mike Gimbel, L.375 AFSCME
Mike Shane, Moratorium NOW! Coalition
Mohsen Nourani
Monica Patrick, former candidate for Detroit City Council
N Oure
N. Dumser
Nancy Withington
Nauman Siddiqi
Nora Roman
Pallas Stanford
Pat Berger
Pat Driscoll, Member USWA Local 1299
Pat Herron
Patricai McHugh
Paul Felton, Retired Postal Worker, Author
Paul Stein
Paul Teitelbaum, IAC Tucson
Peter Cummins
Phil Hanson
Philip Ikomi
R Salido
Rachel Baker
Rael Nidess
Ramona Africa, MOVE Organization
Ray Martinez, SEIU668
Ray Rogers, Corporate Campaign, Inc./Campaign to Stop Killer Coke
Regina Dyton
Richard Greenwood,
Robert H Stiver, www.holylandpeace.net
Robin McCubbin, California Teachers Association, ret.
Roselva Ungar, United Teacher of L.A.
Russ Bellant, President, Detroit Library Commission
Ruth McRee
Sabrina Azraq, Toronto Students for Justice in Palestine
Sally Garelick
Sarah Roche-Mahdi
Scott Houldieson, Co-editor, Informer Newsletter for UAW Local 551
Sharon Gjertsen
Shellee Davis
Sheryl Kaplan
Stach Glabinski, SLD
Stella Bedard
Stephanie Trasoff
Sterling Gruver
Sue Harris, peoples Video network
Susan Carey
Susan Davis, National Writers Union, United Auto Workers, Local 1981
Sylvia Gray
Thierry Deshayes
Thomas Chisholm
Thomas Parker
Timothy Martin
Timothy Stinson
Tom Sheehan
Toni Caldwell-Clark
V.E. Perkins
Valerie Van Isler
Vanessa Fluker, Anti-Foreclosure Attorney
Walter Gary Knall, Moratorium NOW! Coalition, STOP
Wendy Hansen
Wiktor Ostasz
William Ferry
William Rizer
xan joi, Women Against Killing (WAK)
Zelma Kinchloe, Good Jobs Now

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